Things to Consider Before Hiring an Arborist

Things to Consider Before Hiring an Arborist

Selecting a professional arborist is a big decision and there are many things to consider, so ask questions and make enquiries before you hire one.

The most credible sources for skilled, professional tree services are the companies that undertake audit and application processes for accreditation.  ISA Certified Arborists are qualified for the certification exam, which include three or more years of full-time, practical work in arboriculture and/or a diploma in the area of arboriculture, horticulture, landscape architecture, or forestry.  Workers must have appropriate protective equipment when completing jobs.  Check the type of safety equipment and training that the company has access to during project completion.  Ensure the arborist you hire follows all applicable local and state laws regarding their work.  Check the arborist’s processes and whether there will be ongoing work for your project.  Also check references and previous experience on similar projects, remembering to check online reviews like Google My Business and Yelp.

Always ensure and get proof of insurance and licences from potential arborists.  Licences indicate that the company is registered while complying with legal requirements.  Certificates of Insurance will detail worker’s compensation and general liability in the case of property damage.  Obtain estimates from potential arborists.  Examine company credentials and ensure you check specifications of submitted bids.  Look at the combination of cost, skill, qualifications and scope of work.  Don’t rush decisions when hiring and if offered a discount, check the details.  Discounts should never come at the expense of work quality.  Always choose an experienced and reputable tree service company.

Arborists that are highly regarded are licenced, insured and maintain expensive specialised equipment, so the standard cost is usually a fair rate.  Be cautious of unusually low quotes as you may not get quality service.  Get written contracts and multiple bids to get an idea of the market rate.  Be cautious of flyers, door knockers and cold callers.  Verify the company’s area of expertise before hiring anyone.  Ensure you know exactly what tree services you require.  Hire an expert in the field to ensure your trees get the best care possible and be wary of those that offer unsolicited work, especially after big storms.  Expert arborists don’t recommend topping trees or other drastic pruning methods.  These practices can injure the trees or make them dangerous.  Avoid arborists that use spurs or spikes because this can also damage the trees, opening paths to insects and disease, which can lead to the tree weakening or dying.

At Trees WA, we provide all manner of tree cutting and tree removal services, such as tree lopping, tree trimming, tree pruning, wood chipping, crown lifting and tree removal.  We have experience with power line clearance and we also do emergency call outs for commercial and residential properties, including strata management.  Contact the professionals at Trees WA and rest assured your trees are in good hands.