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We provide treatment for struggling vegetation and trees so they can reach their full potential.

Trees WA provides solutions for trees and vegetation that are struggling to grow or are suffering from plant disease or other factors. As qualified arborists, taking care of trees, shrubs, and hedges is one of our specialties as it requires having prior knowledge about how to properly care for flora.

For trees that are found to be displaying signs of disease, we sometimes recommend safe and effective spray treatments. Spray treatments can be the most cost efficient and effective method to regain tree health. By conducting this service, we ensure that the treatment will fight pests and safely manage and cure tree diseases.


A safe tree is a healthy tree and a healthy tree is one that is free from pests and diseases. As arborists we can identify most pests and diseases and then prescribe a course of action and suggest remedies to get your trees healthy again. Timing is a very important factor as most pests and diseases enter trees when they become stressed or sick and are less able to ward off pest invasion. An example would be a pest entering through a wound caused from poor pruning or lopping practises.

Early symptoms of stress or decline should be addressed as soon as they become apparent. If you think you might have a tree under stress or at risk of disease then contact us today for our arborist’s opinion.