Tree Trimming Services


Tree Trimming has many positive outcomes. Is your tree making shade on your lawn and causing it to die? Large overgrown trees can block sunlight, and lead to dead plants and brown lawn. Tree Trimming and Tree Thinning is your best option. By doing this, it will allow more sunlight to shine upon your garden, and allow it to grow more sufficiently.

Stormy weather. No stress! Trimmed trees move less and receive less damage in storms. Trees WA will help you prevent damage to your trees by assessing the vegetation for storm prevention. With 15+ years of experience, the experts at Trees WA are your point of call for any tree maintenance requests. All we require is a simple phone call with details of your tree trimming requirements. We will swiftly respond with a suitable plan of action! Click on our contact page for more details on how to get a hold of one of our friendly representatives.


We are well experienced in tree trimming and tree removal of difficult, awkward or tall creepers such as bougainvillea or ivy and have many hours experience in the art of shaping hedges (topiary).