Risk Management


Trees WA make sure that any tree in danger of falling, breaking, or deteriorating is carefully managed by our arborists. We have a passionate, hardworking, and experienced team that can help you with all your tree related enquiries. We are more than happy to provide quality advice as well as no obligation quotes.

Tree removal work includes pruning, repairing, lopping, trimming and stump grinding, as well as ground operations relating to pruning. Our highly skilled workers take pride and care in all the tree removal work they carry out and this helps ensure the health and safety of others – the public included.


We also offer assessments of trees that may be considered a risk and outline the potential for “tree failure”. We examine the tree for signs of decay, fungi, pests, diseases and weaknesses in the structure. Imminent tree failure is a difficult thing to predict so if you have any doubt it is best to get a risk assessment performed by our qualified arborists to avoid potential disaster. Often some light pruning or installation of some simple cable bracing can overcome potential hazards, preventing the need for more expensive heavy pruning or complete tree removal.