Tree Removal Services


Trees WA are specialists in carefully removing trees or other vegetation from a wide range of suburbs in Perth. With industry leading practices, training, and maintenance strategies, we are 100% committed to eliminating risk with minimal environment impact.

We perform tree removal and vegetation removal for residential, commercial and government departments in Perth, Australia. The company is a family owned business which has over 15 years experience. Trees WA is committed to providing the best tree removal services and the best prices. Basic cutting equipment isn’t always enough to remove large trees such as karri, marri, or gumtrees. That’s where our team of professionals at Trees WA come in handy. We remove unwanted or dangerous trees carefully and precisely.

We find in most cases clients would prefer to keep their trees whenever possible but sometimes they just have to go. Regardless of the tree’s size, shape, species or difficulty of access, we have plenty of experience in all aspects of tree removal. You can be assured we remove trees safely, cost effectively and on time.