Tree Pruning


We are your one stop provider for all of your tree related needs, for both residential and commercial properties. Trees WA have a professional team who are trained to carefully prune/trim any overgrown shrub or bush. We also prune many other kinds of vegetation.

There’s numerous reasons to regularly prune vegetation. Some example are – to correct irregular growth patterns, increase quantity of flowers, ensure plant longevity, and to encourage early bloom. Pruning trees and bushes is the strategic removal of part of the tree/plant. It is carried out to let the the vegetation thrive. It is vital that pruning is done at the correct time of the year otherwise the plant at hand may become unruly and grow out of control.

Our quality tree and shrub pruning services are carried out professionally and safely by our team of experts who have over 15 years of experience in the industry. We can take care of everything you need. When you choose Trees WA, you will always receive a high quality of service, inclusive of the clean-up of the surrounding area.

At Trees WA we pride ourselves on providing quality and value for money for all our services. For a free, no obligation quote or for advice from one of our expert staff then contact us via email, or simply call us on 0449 592 544.


Pruning is necessary to maintain safety, while improving the health, vitality, vigour and aesthetics of trees. We strictly follow industry standards, which have been set out in the Australian Standard 4373- 2007, Pruning of Amenity Trees Act. We believe the aim of a good arborist should be to get the tree to look natural after they have completed their work. Whether the targeted result of pruning is structural, formative, aesthetic or for hazard prevention, Trees WA are available for pruning.