Power Line Clearance


We perform low and high voltage power line clearance. Our team of experts are specially trained and use specialised equipment that is safe for the job at hand.

Trees WA understands that accidents happen. Sometimes storms can bring trees down on powerlines and cause a safety hazard for you and your family. In the case of an emergency where a tree has fallen on to a power line, it is important to carry out all the necessary measures to make sure you and your home are safe. Our team at Trees WA are fully experienced and qualified to remove the troublesome trees that are compromising your safety.

“Powerlines that have been downed by storms, and trees that become ‘live’ when wires touch their branches, are also a very serious public safety risk. Making sure that trees and powerlines are a safe distance apart is in your best interest, and also the best interest of your entire community.” – Western Power

Our experts also trim or remove branches from around power poles and powerlines. Doing this prevents blackouts, accidental electrocution, and possible bushfires.