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Trees WA: Experienced and Professional

Trees WA focuses on tree services to residential, commercial and government departments in Perth, Australia. The company is a family owned business which has over 15 years experience. Trees WA is committed to providing a the best services and the best prices.

Operating in metropolitan and regional areas of Perth, we are a full-service tree company. This means that we complete all tasks from arbor advice and tree surgery to tree lopping and stump removal. The majority of our work, and speciality, tends to be tree lopping and pruning as we work with our customers to maintain a safe home environment.  We have a holistic philosophy to our work and want to support our customers every step of the way.

Lopping Specialist

Tree lopping or sometimes referred to as pollarding are not recommend practices. In most cases better outcomes can be achieved. Most people choose lopping as they understandably, but mistakenly believe it will save them money. In most if not all cases, the exact opposite is true. When a tree is lopped, it goes into shock, starved of its food supply and ability to function, it then produces forced (Epicormic) shoots or growth. This forced growth has an unnaturally weak attachment to the tree. These soon become limbs and will end up dangerous. Lopping also results in opening up the tree to the elements as well as pests and diseases, which places the tree in an unbalanced state as its roots to canopy ratio has been destroyed. We can advise and discuss your options at quoting stage. Sometimes lopping can be the only option, especially if it has been lopped previously.

Stump Grinding Specialist

We also provide a stump grinding service if you require. Just ask to include stump grinding in your free quote. We do any type of tight and narrow access stump grinding and excavation of roots from previous work.

About Us

TREES WA is a family run business owned and operated by a husband and wife team. With over 15 years’ experience in both horticulture and arboriculture in Perth, TREES WA have the expertise for any kind of tree work.

Our Equipment

The 2018 MONITOR Crawler Spider Lift is state of the art in cherry pickers. With stowed dimensions of only 792mm x 1951mm this machine can go through a domestic doorway or a side garden gate with minimum ground pressure impact (47kN/m/2) and only 3m/2 set up requirements.

Reaching up to 18m and out to 8.5m. It operates on a diesel motor or a silent lithium battery.

With a capacity to chip logs 15 inches wide and equipped with a winch, our 2015 Vermeer Chipper and NPR 300 Isuzu truck combination allows us to be highly productive when it comes to processing large tree prunings into 10 cubic m3 of mulch in under an hour.

The 2017 RHYSCORP Stump Humper (Grinder) is a lightweight versatile machine, which can access almost any back yard, raised or otherwise with a minimum width of only 780mm. This little machine is capable of grinding almost any tree stump.

Insurance and peace of mind

In the unlikely event of something not going according to plan it’s reassuring to know that if an unfortunate situation occurs, it can be rectified quickly and hassle free.

At TREES WA we have fully comprehensive insurance policies, but have yet to make a claim.

* Workers and Contractors compensation policy.

* Personnel directors’ income protection policy

* A 20 million Public Liability policy


Our staff members are fully trained in their specific roles and have police clearances, white cards and first aid qualifications as a minimum. We process all necessary tickets to undertake the tasks we perform, such as climbing (EWP) elevated work platform and chainsaw and chipping work and use the correct personal protection equipment.

Quality and Qualifications

After safety our next priority is quality workmanship. Being certified professional arborists we can determine what type of pruning and plant health care is required to improve the health, appearance and safety of your trees, while enhancing their aesthetic and economic value. Our aim is to provide results that not only match our client’s expectations but also go beyond, without the heavy price tag. On completion of every job we always request our client inspects our work to ensure they are totally satisfied before we leave the job site. We pride ourselves on leaving a thoroughly clean and tidy site.